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All County Meet 

SPIRE Institute Friday, January 8th 2021 

7:15 Start Time

Arrival: Please try to arrive no sooner than ½ hour to your warm up time. (Exceptions are Seniors and Escorts but no sooner than 5:30.)
Warm ups Sessions:  6:15-6:40 Edgewood (Lane 0) Lakeside (Lanes 5-9) Jefferson (Lanes 1-4)

 6:45-7:10 Geneva (Lanes 0-4) PV (Lanes 5-7) Conneaut (Lanes 8-9)

Entry Limitations: 


Teams may enter up to three athletes per event.  An individual is allowed no more than 4 total events, which can be up to 2 individual events  and 2 relays or up to 3 relays and 1 individual event. Please enter your relay swimmers in your Hytek entry. Please minimize any changes once you enter your athletes in the meet.  Medals are awarded for 1,2,3 for all individual and relay events.
 Entries must be received by email to Maureen Surbella ( by Tuesday, January 5th at 9:00 pm
Athlete Team Seating:  Edgewood, Jefferson, and Geneva on the Timing Tank Side

Lakeside , Conneaut, and PV on the Diving Board Side

Admission Fees


$5.00 adults plus applicable online ticketing fees.  No more than 2 spectators per athlete permitted to purchase tickets. (Senior Escort(s) Free pass-no purchase necessary but names must be placed on pass list – please provide info to your coach ) Your school is allotted a set number of tickets based on team rosters. Purchasing more than allotted tickets will result in a teammate family member unable to purchase ticket.

All County Tickets-                               

(Your School Coach will provide Passcode)

Spectator Seating Areas: Please ask families to sit in designated team areas.    

Diving Board (north) Side of the Pool: Geneva, Jefferson, and Edgewood 

Timing Tank (south) Side of the Pool:  Lakeside , Conneaut, and PV.

Senior Night 5:45: Please arrive at 5:30. All MUST Fill out SPIRE COVID form (below) prior to arrival.  You will be directed to your areas for line up: 

Conneaut ,Lakeside, PV) Hallway leading to the pool- you will be directed upon entering. Edgewood Geneva, Jefferson in FUEL with Edgewood closest to pool entrance) 

Link to this form and can also be found on SPIRE website:  SPIRECOVIDFORM.PAPERFORM.CO   

Coaches please make sure their parent/escort are listed on this link for the Senior Pass List for entrance. Senior List of Parents/Escorts (no more than 2 permitted)

Event Livestream: The Event WILL be livestreamed.  A link will be forthcoming prior to the event and updated on this doc. 
Specific COVID Policies for ALL in attendance: Please ensure that your athletes/parents are aware of the following and  assist us in making  sure we  uphold these policies. 
1.) Teams have provided a roster of all athletes to SPIRE.
2.)  Lakeside is providing a list of officials, volunteers on deck, and senior parents and have provided allocated ticketing for each team so entrance to the event can be controlled.   Volunteer list:  Volunteer Lists for on deck and Stands

3.) All coaches, officials and athletes must fill out, and sign our Covid sheet. In the case of athletes under the age of 18, the parents must fill out this form prior to the athlete arriving on site. This form requires the parents to take the temperature of the athlete the day of the event. 

Link to this form and can be found on SPIRE website:  SPIRECOVIDFORM.PAPERFORM.CO   

4. When any athlete arrives for the event, SPIRE rep will check the provided list and verification of the form a signed Covid form must be shown. The athlete will also have their temperature taken. Assuming this is all in place, the athlete will be allowed to enter. 

5. When coaches, officials and volunteers arrive, they will have to sign the SPIRE Covid form and be temperature checked. 

6. When spectators are being allowed into the facility, Lakeside will monitor the number of tickets sold to ensure that no more spectators are allowed than what the Health Department has specified. SPIRE will also have a representative monitoring both the entrance protocol and the spectator areas to insure all policies are being followed. Lakeside will supply persons to help maintain social distancing both at the entrance and in the seating area. Link to this form is below and can be also found on SPIRE website:  SPIRECOVIDFORM.PAPERFORM.CO   

7. Masks must be worn by all athletes, coaches, officials and spectators at all times. The only caveat to this is when athletes are participating or practicing. Anyone not following this protocol will be asked to leave the building. 

Adjustments to Event  The information above regarding the event CAN and MAY be modified by the HOST team and/or SPIRE at ANY time prior to the event. Last modified 1.2.2021


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