Dragons News · OHSAA and AACS Athletics Updates

Photo credit: Stacy Gancos (Tyrell Meeks, Kaleb Scaine, Angelo Collazo assisted with YO Leadership Yard Cleanup.)

Here is a refresher on some of the policies and procedures in place right now by the Ohio High School Athletic Association. As of right now (May 14), the coaching no-contact period is in place until May 31 and the AACS Athletic Facilities will remain closed until June 30th per Ohio Department of Health Order.

I anticipate on receiving guidance from the OHSAA in the next 24 hours regarding the re-start of sports like baseball and softball at the end of the month.

I continue working on protocols for physicals (for 20-21) with ACMC. Despite not being able to do our large physical day like in the past. It sounds like they’re still going to be required, please check Final Forms to see when your expiration date is. I will communicate information once I hear back from Kathy and ACMC.

Final Forms for the 2020-21 School Year will go live on Monday May 18, 2020. At that time, please go on to your Final Forms account and let us know each sport you intend to play for the 20-21 school year. This will help coaches contact you during this uncertain time.

Thank you to over 70+ sixth grade parents have filled out information regarding sports this fall. Please create a Final Forms account (https://ashtabula-oh.finalforms.com/) and select sports your athlete anticipates on playing next school year as a 7th grader.

Congratulations to our senior student-athletes who will be graduating over the next two weeks. Not exactly the ending we were looking for academically or athletically but your patience and perseverance through this all has been tremendous, I look forward to seeing all of you as we conduct graduation the next couple weeks!

I’m working hard everyday to ensure we have things in place to compete next fall and school year. We will await guidance from the OHSAA and be sure to communicate out all necessary information with you and our coaches.


Jason Baxter

Athletic Director


OHSAA Statement

Update on School OHSAA Mandatory No‐Contact Period As indicated last week, The OHSAA’s “No‐Contact Regulation” is now extended through May 31, 2020. While the OHSAA has no authority over school facilities, we have continued to stay in step with the Governor’s and Department of Health’s regulations to limit mass gatherings by restricting coaches’ physical contact with student‐athletes.  While local departments of health are issuing restrictions on non‐instructional facility usage, we urge you to hold off on making facilities available to any non‐school program until the no‐contact period expires.

Bylaw Adjustments & Additional School Athletics Guidance

Just as we have done along the way, I want to continue to assure you that every possible consequence of the current crisis is being looked at in detail.  While the No‐Contact Period essentially puts everything on hold until June 1, we will be providing guidance in the following areas in advance: Jerry Snodgrass, Executive Director Friday, May 8, 2020 Administrator Update Ohio High School Athletic Association

Return to Activity 

Along with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), we will be providing guidance relative to usage of facilities and conducting events when restrictions are lifted.  While premature to put these out prior to any restrictions being known, we want to inform you that guidance WILL be provided.

Athletic Physicals

Much has been publicly released that Indiana has waived PPE’s (athletic physicals) for 2020‐21.  The OHSAA’s Sport Medicine Advisory Committee has been meeting and, while they remain hesitant to waive any ‘standard of care,’ it remains premature to provide any recommendation since all current PPE’s are valid for a 13‐month period. See below regarding “referendum voting.”


Adjustments to current eligibility standards will be provided toward the end of the month.  Though our Board of Directors will need to approve any changes (see below on “referendum voting”), holding on to this is an intent to keep students engaged in remote learning efforts and discouraging them from ‘checking out’ knowing they might all be eligible.

Out‐of‐State Travel 

Much advice on this will be provided to Athletic Directors. While it is too early to tell if out‐of‐state travel will be restricted by forthcoming regulations issued by the ODH, please consider this before making any further commitments to out‐of‐state travel.

#howicompete Campaign Launched by OHSAA and Allied Organizations

With school facilities shuttered through June 30 and student‐athletes not being permitted to gather together, our staff is launching the #howicompete campaign to encourage student‐athletes to train on their own at home and with instructions sent electronically by their school coaches. This campaign will collect and promote messages and videos posted by OHSAA member schools, media and the OHSAA’s allied organizations. We are asking organizations such as the various Ohio high school coaches associations, Greater Columbus Sports Commission, Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (OIAAA) and many more to help encourage and promote content from student‐athletes and tag the OHSAA using #howicompete. Content will be promoted through the OHSAA’s social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) on its handle @OHSAASports.